A love letter to David Szeto

Dear Mr Szeto (may I call you David?),

I don’t know quite how to begin articulating my affections for you as a designer, but I feel it’s safe to say that you are one of my absolute, very favourite designers, ever. I’ve been purchasing your clothing since I discovered you about 6 years ago. I cannot even remember how I came across you, given you do not advertise or have an overt presence in an otherwise crowded and trend-driven marketplace, but I am so thankful I did find you, because your pieces are some of the most coveted and beloved in my wardrobe.

When I describe your pieces to my friends and family, I use the following descriptors: effortless; ultra-feminine; elegant; timeless; flattering. I tell them that the fabrics you use (heavy viscoses that allow a garment to hang or drape beautifully; marshmallow silks that wrap and caress the body; wool jerseys that skim womanly curves) and the shapes and styles you continue to employ (Grecian; shirring; ruching; draping; asymmetry; knotting; bias cuts) enhance a woman’s femininity, hint at her powerful sexuality and downplay her least favourite features whilst lauding her best.

Your dresses have been my recent go-to’s for weddings (friends and my own). I was at a wedding last Friday and paired a dress from your “The Hunger 2009/10” collection with a black and gold Peter Lang belt, black crystal Sophie Kyron earrings, a black Lauren Merkin clutch and black Valentino pumps. I felt sophisticated, comfortable, elegant, polished, lady-like and unlike any other guest at the wedding. Women in Perth sometimes seem afraid of colours outside of black, pastels or florals – in this instance, I believe there is a yellow for every woman – and yet I felt so confident and special in the mustard hue.



I bought this Stila foil finish eyeshadow to complement the mustard shade of the dress and my mother-in-law and I went and had our hair especially done for the occasion. Whilst I thought at first a simple, voluminous blow-dry would be nice, I then realised with such a special neckline, an up-do would better suit the dress so Christine worked a braid through one side of my head and loosely pinned curls to the other side.


I didn’t have opportunity to take a full-length photo but I hope you recognise the dress and can visualise how I wore it. I had so many compliments from my husband, my family and our dear friends at the wedding (as I always do when I wear your pieces). I gushed about you and how much I love your design aesthetic and owning a wardrobe filled with David Szeto would be my idea of heaven. I feel like I am letting them in on a special secret, that they are privileged to hear about you and where you’re based and your design philosophy, and that as I stand before them wearing your magnificent creations, I am testament to the beauty of your pieces.

For my wedding in November last year, I changed late in the evening into another dress from the same “The Hunger” collection. I only had one shot from the evening where you can see it on me (posing with my beautiful maid-of-honour) but I hope you can see how much fun I am having in it and know that I truly cannot wait to wear it again. It was so feminine and sexy and easy to wear and is now imbued with special memories from the most wonderful moment in my life.

David Szeto dress

I swear David, I could gush on and on: I love that I feel like a part of a privileged clique wearing your clothes because you are quite niche, quite unique, quite special; I love how I just feel like the best version of me wearing your designs; I love and appreciate to no end the exquisite detail in your pieces – the considered necklines, the hand-sewn pin-tucking, the clever ruching, the body-skimming drapery.

In essence, I just love you! I cannot wait for a lifetime of beautiful David Szeto pieces to adorn me and hopefully one day, to be handed down to my beloved(s).

Yours faithfully,



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