About Me

Name: Jane

Lives: Perth, Western Australia

Vocation: Research Officer (part-time)/Wife (full-time)/Domestic Goddess (when it suits)/Bargain Hunter (activates upon sighting ‘sale’)

A little bit about me:

I am a shopping addict – the heart palpitations, the excitement, the all-consuming thoughts, all threaten to overwhelm me when I face down a sale item. I have to have it. I have to nab that bargain. My life is not complete without snagging that amazing piece at an amazing price.

I have inherited and honed my mad bargain buying from my wonderful mother, who lived in an era of ‘mend-and-make-do’. Whilst I refuse to mend or make do, I refuse to pay full price for, well, just about anything.

I genuinely love and appreciate beautiful things. I worship at the (well-heeled) altar of fabulous fashion. I adore wearing something that is ethically produced and precision made. I love niche and less-mainstream designers. I am besotted by colour, pattern, dynamism, uniqueness.

I love buying from a manner of sources: admittedly, on-line shopping has changed my life (shopping in your pyjamas without having to deal with a haughty salesperson at 9pm on a Sunday? Sorted) but I love my Stella McCartney as much as my Sportscraft, my Valentino as much as my Veronika Maine, my Michael Kors as much as my Coles Mixit.

I absolutely abhor rip-offs and fakes (both in fashion and in life): authentic is the only way.

I have always said that if I were an actress, I would aspire to be a soap-star. The story lines! The dramatic pauses! That hair! I am a “Bold and the Beautiful” fan and am not ashamed to say so! I am completely inspired by the immaculately turned-out outfits you see donning the fabulous specimens of (largely American) daytime television: Bold; Dynasty; Days of Our Lives; All My Children; The Young and the Restless; Passions.

I am not a trust fund baby (though I dream, sometimes, a lot of the time, of winning the lottery) – everything I own and wear has been bought with my own money.

I am not a 6 foot tall, statuesque, Nordic-esque, bean pole-esque model – though, when it comes to certain fashion, sometimes I have delusions I am.

Whilst I do not fit the mold of the uber-blogger, nipping over to Paris Fashion Week with my Louis Vuitton luggage to carry my size 0 samples and hairsylist on speed-dial, I don’t have aspirations to look like one. I am me. I don’t always have perfect hair or makeup and some clothes just are not made for me, but I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see and feel confident in what I wear, because I know who I am and why I am loved.

Above all, I love the transformative nature of fashion. There are people who think fashion is frivolous, superficial and inconsequential, and this is what I say to them: fashion influences art, music, architecture, literature and pop culture (just as they influence fashion). Fashion can make you feel powerful, confident, sexy, androgynous, intellectual, witty (even all at once). Whether we like to admit it, you are judged by the outside world depending on how you present yourself: are you a white collar worker? A labourer? Athletic? Bookish? Sensual and feminine? A 50s housewife? A struggling musician? Royalty? Fashion can appease whatever ‘personality’ you are feeling on any given day: because fashion is, if anything, as layered and nuanced and important as you are.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Marina Genet says:

    Thank you for your declaration of love to Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s fragrances!
    Could you please contact us directly on our mail adress: press@franciskurkdjian.com ?
    Wishing you a great day.

    • Jane says:

      Oh Marina I am so incredibly flattered. It was my most fervent hope that some from Maison Francis Kurkdjian would read my ode to “754”. I have sent you an email today and look greatly forward to hearing from you! Jane

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