(Belated) Monday Morsels, 27 January 2015

My apologies for the delay – I was busy celebrating Australia Day yesterday! I hope you had a wonderful day, celebrating this magnificent sun-burnt country of ours 🙂 Enjoy the following morsels!

From Racked: What to wear in 2015 from the Pre-Fall shows. Yes to the boots, grid prints and folk dresses – as a short person though, I’m not sold on the ankle grazing, wide-leg pants!

Also from Racked: I’m a little bit obsessed with TheOutnet and I LOVED this article about what they wear to work. Can anyone say dream job??

From The Zoe Report: Because I cannot resist a white tee.

From Science of Us: It’s the little things.

From The Fashion Spot: Eyebrows through the ages. I gotta say, Lauren Hutton’s are to-die-for (but then, everything about her is amazing).

From Buzzfeed: Jennifer Lopez looks back on her 11 biggest movies. Reading through this, I am reminded of how talented she actually is (or at the very least, multitasking).

From Elle US: This interview with Latoya Peterson is great, but if you take away anything, it is her advice on asking for a raise.

From Phactual: 11 songs that you may have thought you knew the stories behind turn out to be about… other stuff. Umm, I will never listen to Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” again without knowing what I now know.

From Pajiba: All this Scientology-as-a-dictatorship stuff makes for fascinating reading and I cannot wait to see this documentary.


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