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Bloglovin'My god this blogging stuff is still so new and scary! I just signed myself up to Bloglovin’, a site which was launched in 2007 with the purpose of helping people to read all their favourite blogs in one place. Today over 25,000,000 people per month visit Bloglovin’ to discover inspiring content from millions of bloggers from all around the world – and I am one of the newbies!

I’m determined to push myself out of my comfort zone with this tech stuff. The next step is a new whizz-bang camera with which to take some more apt fashion photos! Right now, Bloglovin’ feels like a (giant) rabbit warren, into which I could happily fall. Isn’t it wonderful to discover a hidden gem of a blog? It certainly makes me feel more connected to this blogging community, which is undoubtedly a microcosm of our wonderfully diverse and interesting world.

You can follow me on Bloglovin’ here and make sure to sign up to receive emails notifying you of new posts (the link to sign up is just over there in the sidebar!!). I look forward to connecting with you!


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