La Dolce Vita x Mad Men

I haven’t done an outfit post in AGES and I am so apologetic – it can be hard making the time to just take a couple of shots and uploading and editing and writing an accompanying spiel… I know I know, excuses excuses. Which is why I am going to try my darnedest to stick to goal #3 for 2015. What better place to start than a work outfit that is inspired (unwittingly, mind you) by equal parts La Dolce Vita and Mad Men.

To be honest, I don’t have any ‘formula’ when I get dressed in the morning. Most nights, I go to sleep thinking about what I want to wear the next day but there are some mornings that I just throw on whatever I’m vibing. When I think of an outfit to wear, it always starts with one piece – “I want to wear that dress” or “those shoes” or “this skirt”. Yesterday’s outfit started with the necklace, a beautiful Sophie Kyron piece that was gifted to me for Christmas by my mum. It needed a blank canvas, something that would not compete for attention and that would showcase the piece. What better than an elegant LBD? And from there it morphed into Italian siren/50s goddess!!

DVF dress

The Diane von Furstenberg dress I am wearing here is a relatively recent purchase – I bought it from eBay a couple of months ago for approximately US$45. It is a cotton stretch blend and is very fitted but isn’t restrictive at all. It has the most perfectly flattering neckline for a larger bust and is youthful without being office inappropriate. It is a wonderful length, hitting at my knee, with décolleté enhancing cap sleeves. I think you could be any size and this dress would be complimentary. It is the perfect canvas for a special necklace.

Given office spaces can be quite chilly this time of year as they pour out enough cold air to keep everyone from melting, a cardigan was necessary so I didn’t shiver all day long. However, I felt this Zhor & Nema piece looked better casually draped over my shoudlers than worn as normal. I felt very Joan from Mad Men.

DVF dress/Zhor & Nema

Feeling fabulously curvy in an Italian ‘dolce vita’ and 50s screen siren way

DVF dress/Zhor & nema

My makeup has accents of pink to complement the pinks of the agate in the necklace

I cannot express to you enough how much I love the Parisian label, Zhor & Nema. Founded by two French sisters with Moroccan heritage, the label is renowned for its elegant knitwear and fur creations. The collections inevitably feature lace, crystals, exposed zippers, ruffles, satin or velvet elbow patches and recently, a lip print over pocket holes. The label is overtly feminine and fun and easy to wear, with no piece too body-con, or trend-driven, or easily pigeon-holed. Women of all ages and aesthetics could wear this label, as long as that woman was exuberant and loved life! Zhor & Nema does not shy away from colour (thank God) and yes, I would wear Zhor & Nema all the time if I could!!! Apart from Barneys, I can really only source their pieces on eBay (and they are a dime a dozen). This cardi I picked up for less than $40 – their knitwear generally retails for upwards of $900.

I am wearing a pair of Loeffler Randall silver flats (purchased years ago from eBay) and would have loved heels but I actually thought the silver in the flats accented the necklace nicely. Speaking of, below is a picture of the piece closer up.

Sophie Kyron necklace

Some people might think this work look is ‘too sexy’ or ‘too revealing’ as the dress is fitted and I have skin on display around my décolleté. To that, I say, this is my figure and people are going to see it no matter what clothes I wear (bar a hessian sack). I have full breasts and curvy hips and a Kim Kardashian bottom and these facts cannot be escaped no matter what I don. I have lovely skin. I am young. I am appropriately covered. I am always professional in my conduct. And who ever looked at this or this and thought – hmmm, not work appropriate?

As always, would love to know what you think! Are you inspired by a particular look when you dress for work? Or is it as random and ad hoc as my thought process?


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