Monday Morsels, 13 June 2016

From Atlas Obscura: Your Monday morning crazy.

From Bustle: Following the utterly devastating news of the Orlando, Florida mass shooting, the US really needs to wake up to its dangerous, antiquated gun laws. Here are 11 infographics that prove why.

From Racked: On a lighter note, the most iconic celebrity wedding dresses of all time.

From The Telegraph: Is this even feasible? How to get a wardrobe that means you’ll never spend more than 5 minutes getting dressed.

From Mental Floss: I doubt our very old, very docile cat would enjoy this, but we wish she would!!

From Refinery29: What it’s like to be a celebrity personal assistant.

From Town and Country: Here’s how interior designers would remodel the Playboy mansion.

From InStyle: A month by month guide to the best pieces of birthstone jewellery.


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