Monday Morsels, 14 March 2016

From Racked: Another in this great series.

Also from Racked: I love Isaac Mizrahi.

From NY Times: Despite the bitter disappointment of Alber Elbaz’s departure from storied fashion house, Lanvin, I am SO excited that Bouchra Jarrar (of whom I posted a Designer of the Day piece here) is the new creative director!!

From The Telegraph: Whilst I have never watched House of Cards, I loved reading about how the costume designer creates the FLOTUS’ wardrobe.

From Slate: These images of things Kurt Cobain left behind when he passed away are quite moving.

From Collectors Weekly: As an avid, ardent fragrance lover, this pungent history of perfume was captivating.

From Science of Us: How the clothes you wear affect how well you focus.

From Mental Floss: How frequently do you wash these 10 household items?

From Bustle: Oh, this takes me back…


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