Monday Morsels, 15 August 2016

I am so sorry about the dreadful lack of posts – house moving has not been conducive to keeping up with the blog!! I am now 37 weeks pregnant and just a warning, I can’t imagine a newborn will be conducive to blogging either!!! I will do my best to keep the posts more regular in the coming weeks, before my life gets turned upside down!! Enjoy the following 🙂

From Racked: Just another example of how we are constantly (and often unfairly) judged by what we wear.

From Vulture: Do you agree with this list of Meryl Streep films ranked from best to worst performance?

Also from Vulture: Which of these upcoming book-to-film adaptations are you dying to see?

From The Cut: I’ll admit, I am dead jealous of this 16-year-old’s savvy.

From Elle US: This was a fabulous piece on designer Christian Siriano.

Also from Elle US: 10 beauty products you should never share (and 8 that you can).

From Pajiba: This article about difficult actors versus difficult actresses was brilliant (and again, merely highlights the divide between “acceptable behaviours” between the sexes).

From Mental Floss: In honour of the Olympics, see how the world’s greatest athletes stack up against your average animal.

From Into the Gloss: Why shouldn’t we wear beautifully fragranced deodorants?


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