Monday Morsels, 17 November 2014

Another manic Monday. I hope you enjoy the offerings below!

From WhoWhatWear: The 7 shopping habits that are wasting your money. UH-OH.

From MSN News: Abandoned places around the world. Particularly unsettling are the ghost town that is Epecuen, Argentina and the abandoned hotel in Krk, Croatia. Horror movie set, anyone?

From Pajiba: This breakdown of Gwyenth Paltrow’s GOOP Christmas list is hilarious. I know people cannot stop talking about that ridiculous gold blender, but it’s the pleather looking Valentino army camouflage trolley that has me gagging (and not just at its $4.5k price tag).

From Racked: How I learned that even an F cup can wear an unlined bra. Hallelujah! PS I totally commiserate with that ‘shocked-I-am-an-E/F-cup’ feeling.

From Vogue US: Speaking of lingerie, I am so happy to see Vogue US shoot properly curvy women in their lingerie. Now all they need to do is a couture fashion shoot with the same women, to convey that women of all shapes and sizes can wear (albeit aspirational) designer clothing.

From Flavorwire: 50 great pre-fame performances by famous actors. I was chuffed to see a “Best in Show” mention (seriously, you need to watch this movie) but heavens above, Matt Damon and Anna Kendrick are almost unrecognisable!

From Refinery29: 30 closet space-wasters to toss out right now. Oh dear, I think I may be in possession of one or two of those!

 From An interview with Dame Vivienne Westwood on the art of dressing, costume and more. These words just resonate so deeply: “Then you have to use your clothes to tell your personal story. And be confident. I’ve never worried about what other people think of me. You have to cut a figure. Step off the treadmill of fashion.” Amen!


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