Monday Morsels, 18 January 2016

From Fashionista: Costume secrets from the January premieres of ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Agent Carter’, ‘Suits’ and more.

From Racked: What the team at Genius wear to work.

From Bustle: These are the important things to know: which cocktail is best for your star sign?

From The Zoe Report: How to reinvent your black leggings.

From Atlas Obscura: 100 years ago, American women competed in Venus de Milo lookalike contests. My, how (beauty) times change…

Also from Atlas Obscura: Because I love photos of abandoned old buildings.

From Cosmopolitan: 11 surprising things that affect your dreams.

From WhoWhatWear: How to pose in front of the camera like a celebrity.

From Elle US: I find polygamy sects in the US obscenely fascinating – this story of one girl’s escape from a polygamist cult is so interesting.

From Mashable: I should quit my day job to take this up (I mean, who wouldn’t?!!?).

From Business of Fashion: Confession: I am not a manic Chanel devotee, unlike millions out there. However, I appreciate the revered fashion house for its investment in centuries-old artisans, which enables noble crafts to survive in an age of consumerism and fast fashion. Read more about the almost-forgotten fashion houses they have saved here.


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