Monday Morsels, 18 July 2016

Apologies for the total lack of posts – I have spent the last two weeks moving house! Not ideal when you’re 32/33 weeks pregnant, but we are getting settled and loving our new little abode. Enjoy the below – more posts to come!

From The Zoe Report: This is pretty much bang-on.

From The Telegraph: Get ready to drool – the inside story behind Elizabeth Taylor’s precious personal jewellery collection.

From Racked: I loved this article on the lack of representation of the ‘average’ sized woman/model in advertising.

From Atlas Obscura: 8 spooky NYC places that should be in the new Ghostbusters movie.

From Elle US: Oh, how I long to wear high heels again…

From Refinery29: I need no further evidence that Christian Siriano is just the most amazing designer 🙂

From Lucky Peach: 19 of Roald Dahl’s most important food inventions.

From Town & Country: Take a trip in time with these unseen photos from the archives of the Four Seasons restaurant.

From Esquire: Some of the greatest celebrity conspiracy theories of all time.


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