Monday Morsels, 21 December 2015

Hallelujah, it’s almost Christmas!! I have two more working days until I am taking a two week break from work, I am filled with a buoyancy (not to mention, a desperate tiredness) I haven’t felt in some time. Enjoy the below!

From Racked: Another in this wonderful series of what people wear to work: here, the team from Montreal’s SSENSE.

Also from Racked: Fast fashion needs to pivot to remain relevant in this eco-conscious context.

From Buzzfeed: 22 things no woman should apologise for (FYI I felt so empowered reading this!).

From Refinery29: New year, new wardrobe – 30 items to cut from your closet.

From The Toast: The website is asking you to recommend your favourite trashy memoir! Roseanne Barr’s autobiography was pretty trashy but I recently read A Lion in the Bedroom by Pat Cavendish O’Neill and IT WAS BRILLIANT.

From Into the Gloss: 7 women on their stretch marks.

From The Business of Fashion: This article about a tiny Scottish knitwear studio that called out Chanel for copyright infringement is so interesting.


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