(Belated) Monday Morsels, 29 March 2016

From The Hollywood Reporter: The 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood.

From Jezebel: This house in Palm Springs, USA hasn’t been redecorated since 1969 and IT IS PHENOMENAL.

From The Zoe Report: The best dresses for your shape.

From Mental Floss: J’adore Paris.

Also from Mental Floss: A supercut of the most iconic tracksuits in movie history.

From Cosmopolitan: This writer compared drugstore and department store makeup, and the results were surprising.

From Elle US: 4 brave Elle editors style Kim Kardashian’s fashion staple, the skin-tight Wolford Fatal dress.

From Business of Fashion: Why fashion’s ‘pink tax’ mean women pay more for luxury fashion brands.

From Refinery29: If, like me, you’re not enjoying an extended long weekend, you may need these 15 quotes to inspire and motivate you at work today.


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