Monday Morsels, 30 May 2016

A really quick post today, hope your work week has started out well!!

From Racked: Why can’t we have a TJ Maxx here in Australia, she cries??!!

Also from Racked: Reporting live from the Olympics of hair: What it takes to be a cut and colour champion.

From Bustle: How to pick out the perfect pair of white jeans.

From Elle US: I don’t need much encouragement to disregard the trend that is ‘fitspo’ and this article confirms why.

From Entertainment Weekly: Which Helena Bonham Carter character are you? Apparently I am the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland!!! Something about a temper…??!?!

From The Toast: A comprehensive list of things that Sad Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow for the uninitiated) looks like.


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