Monday Morsels, 4 April 2016

From The Zoe Report: I stopped gossiping for a month and this is what happened.

From The Telegraph: This article was at once fascinating and obscene: Inside the world of couture wedding gowns.

From The Guardian: I just couldn’t… The rise of the $1,000 tracksuit.

Also from The Guardian: Another dubious fashion trend: the fashion evolution of the Ugg boot.

From Elle US: This man and his husband on the challenges of raising two boys as feminists.

From Vulture: 11 of TV’s most memorable crossover episodes.

Also from Vulture: Can you guess the Mean Girls line from just a freeze frame?

From Stylist: The Breton top is a perennial classic, but this season it will be HUGE. Here is a run down of 35 of the best Breton tops around.

From Man Repeller: Five women of colour get real about the fashion industry.


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