Monday Morsels, 4 July 2016

My goodness how is it July already??!! I hope you have a great week, and recover quickly from the shock the first half of the year is over!!

From Racked: I devoured this interview with Patricia Field on The Devil Wears Prada costume inspiration.

From The Zoe Report: Secrets to scoring expensive-looking pieces at affordable stores.

From The Telegraph: Scrapping change room mirrors so women feel more confident (as is being trialled in stores in the UK) is patronising and unhelpful – here’s how to shop without regret!

From The Cut: I had no idea the inimitable Bill Cunningham had sadly passed away from a stroke last week until I saw this fabulous article on his legacy by Cathy Horyn. If you haven’t seen his documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, it is an absolute must for anyone remotely interested in fashion and/or New York City. You can read his fashion obituary here.

From Vanity Fair: Speaking of inimitable, Joan Rivers’ private collection is up for auction – I’ll take… everything.

From Elle US: Which book was most popular the year you were born? Mine is a Danielle Steel bestseller (which feels telling…).


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