Monochrome Monday

Whilst I so enjoy wearing colour (and in my repertoire, virtually no colour is off-limits!), I love the power and simplicity of black and white. Nothing particularly compels me to wear black and white (such as a ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ day, a ‘ I’m feeling down’ day or a ‘I’m evoking a certain mood/aesthetic’ day) , but today’s outfit was built around the wardrobe staple white long-sleeve tee (this one is by Portmans and I picked it up for $9.95 in their recent end-of-year sale).

Cue skirt, Veronika Maine cardigan, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Portmans top

I paired it with a flippy little skirt I purchased from the Cue store in Harbour Town, reduced by 70% to approximately $45. The shape is super flattering on curvy figures yet gives shape to tomboyish/athletic figures. Even though I avoid mini-skirts now at all costs, the volume in the skirt disguises the real length and in my opinion, makes my legs look slimmer (and who doesn’t want that?!?).

Cue skirt, Veronika Maine cardigan, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Portmans top

The jacket/cardigan is by Veronika Maine and was also purchased from the Cue store in Harbour Town, marked down by half price to approximately $62. I like to belt this cardigan because it not only gives me shape but creates a mini-peplum effect at the hem (a peplum works to visually reduce the size of the waist and again, who doesn’t want that??!!). I used a cherry-red leather belt from Sportscraft (this too was purchased from Harbour Town!), as the pop of colour broke up the black and white.

Giuseppe Zanotti black suede booties

I have had these Giuseppe Zanotti ankle booties for years – I bought them on eBay about 5 years ago and this is the first time I’ve ever worn them with a skirt. I sometimes worry I don’t have the leg shape to wear ankle boots and short hems, but I think the chunky inner hidden platform and sculptural heel balance out my calves. The almond toe and a lack of ‘bells and whistles’, bar the elastic gusset, elongate the leg. These shoes are so comfortable (I believe it’s the hidden platform) and have just aged so beautifully. I have several pairs of Zanotti shoes and I totally understand why he has such a legion of devotees. His shoes are synonymous with sexy and fierce and I dare you to find a woman wearing his shoes who doesn’t feel fabulous. As I recall, I nabbed these booties for about $40 – Zanotti boots, which are all Italian-made, start from $1,000.

A fairly successful start to the work week, no?!?


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