My goals for 2015


Blogging is an entirely new thing for me in the sense that I am totally NOT tech savvy and navigating the scary world that is social media and setting up a website has probably put me off slightly from being so regular with my posting.


I have three goals for 2015:

1. Save, baby, save!!! Ben and I dream of buying our first home together this year and because I have been so shopping obsessed for so long, my saving efforts have been a little paltry. I am very lucky not to have any debt – we paid for 3 overseas holidays in 3 years, our car and wedding – but I’m a whiff away from 30 and don’t own my own home. I know that living in Perth makes this dream even more difficult with exorbitant rents and house prices, but we are determined to have a place to call ours by year’s end*.

2. I want to move my body for 30 minutes every day. I’m not talking hard-core gym workouts or becoming a SoulCycle freak, I just mean moving my body around for 30 minutes each day to counteract a rather sedentary job. Historically, I’d go through these bursts of fitness – swimming, walking, gym classes (Abs/Buns/Thighs, I do kind of miss you), yoga – but then ‘things’ would come up and the good intentions would peter away. In 2015, so far so good – 3 weekly gym sessions with our PT, swims at the beach, brisk walks, core work and stretching. I am not an exercise person, I never really have been, but I am determined to feel different by year’s end!!

3. Up the blogging ante. I am not going to be afraid of this tech stuff and I am going to post frequently. I am going to post about a wide range of (fashion-related) stuff. I will continue to write my Monday Morsels and my Fashion Friday segments, but I will also post more about my outfits, my fashion purchases, beauty buys (look out for one coming soon!) and, most importantly, how to nab those fashion bargains. I will introduce a segment about eBay shopping, how to shop sales, how to navigate online shopping. I want to become a better teacher! I feel like I have all this bargain hunting knowledge and I need to impart these skills to the world 🙂

I don’t know what it is but I just felt so optimistic about this year. I am normally filled with a sense of impartiality – the previous year went by so quickly, I’m getting older, I wonder what is in store for the coming year, etc etc – but this year just felt different. Maybe it’s because I am soon to turn 30, which to me marks leaving behind a decade of great change and evolution to embark on a new and exciting journey (home ownership, motherhood, new career opportunities). Maybe it’s because we have grand plans for our own home (and possibly beginning a family?). Whatever it is, I am just filled with great hope and joy and optimism about the coming 12 months. I hope you, too, enjoy all that is to come.


*NB: This does not mean the bargain shopping ceases, don’t panic.

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  1. Crystal says:

    <3 on so many levels my darling. xo

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