Monday Morsels, 2 May 2016

How is it May already??!! I hope you enjoy the below articles!

From Racked: Sweater porn.

Also from Racked: Fashion and beauty secrets from LA’s most stylish older women. #stylegoals #lifegoals

From The Sun: I love the recording artist Enya, and this article about her eccentric, reclusive life is fascinating.

From Pajiba: The biggest season finale cliff-hangers of 1996. It says something about my age that I can remember most of them!!

From Town and Country: Inside the downfall of New York’s one-time reigning socialite, Tinsley Mortimer.

From The Science of Us: One step closer to speaking cat ūüôā

From Refinery29: The most and least popular foods, according to searches on the Internet.

From Mental Floss: 11 famous birthdays to celebrate in May (aside, of course, from my own on Saturday!).


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(Belated) Monday Morsels, 26 April 2016

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and appropriately commemorated ANZAC Day. Enjoy the below to get you through your short work week!

From The Zoe Report: How to shop like a fashion editor on a budget.

From Business of Fashion: The tyranny of distance in fashion business: turning remote geography into a competitive advantage.

From The Cut: 19 famous women on the power of Prince.

From Mental Floss: Because sloths are my spirit animals.

Also from Mental Floss: And because I just love penguins.

From The Atlantic: A photographic journey through the year 1986.

From The Smithsonian: I have a terrific fear of clowns and this article investigates the history and psychology behind coulrophobia.

From Slate: Behold these beautiful pictures of feathers photographed up-close.

From The Telegraph: The exhaustive guide to every item of underwear you will ever need.

Also from The Telegraph: As we celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, here’s¬†a look back on her cannot-be-denied sophisticated style.


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The yoox ‘Family & Friends’ sale

The Friends & Family sale at yoox has only just finished, with a huge range of men’s, women’s and children’s goods reduced from 50 to 90% off. If you missed out this time, fear not, because it means the mega clearance sale (which sells items at up to 99% off) is just around the corner!!

I was very restrained and only purchased myself one item *pat on the back!*¬†Many of my clothing purchases over the 18 months have been made with ‘maternity’ in mind. I’ll admit, 18 months ago, I wasn’t considering falling pregnant, but because I knew it was on the cards for our future, I couldn’t imagine making purchases without a certain functionality in mind.

Was the item stretchy, to accommodate growth around my middle?
Did the item have sufficient length in the body/skirt, so that when a belly protrudes it won’t be exposing all and sundry?
Was the item empire waisted, shift, wrap or cocoon (all shapes that readily accommodate a changing body)?

Now that I am pregnant and my belly has popped, I am not only learning what works for my new shape, but I am considering items for post-birth wear. A dress with a wrap front is ideal for breast-feeding, and is always flattering for a large bust. I simply couldn’t pass up this bargain piece, a dress by Italian label Momon√≠. Fashioned from a soft, chiffon-like viscose-silk, it features a button front and deep V-neck in an easy-to-wear print.

It was selling on yoox for US$147 and I nabbed it for US$25 (sadly, it is no longer available). How could I resist?!?

Shirt dresses, like wrap dresses, are always in fashion due to their timeless silhouette and simplicity. They’re incredibly versatile and comfortable and, when belted at the waist, supremely flattering on a variety of shapes and sizes. I’m also loving these shirt dresses available now at yoox (click to shop):

In everyone’s favourite shade, this piece is made from soft lyocell with a drawstring waist, making it perfect for everyday wear

This colourful silk number by Manoush has a fabulous 50s flare, with a skirt that will hide a multitude of sins

This M!A F dress is ultra-feminine with an easy-to-wear appeal. Throw on a contrast cardigan and light brown ankle booties and you’re set!

I will let you know when the yoox clearance sale is on (and what I indulge in!). In the meantime, I’m eagerly tracking my new purchase and will share when it arrives.


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Monday Morsels, 18 April 2016

From Racked: For she with the messy desk, take note.

From Good Housekeeping: Do you agree with this list of 50 books every woman should read before she turns 40?

From Pajiba: The thinking person’s most regrettable 90’s crushes.

From The Frisky: Good news for the anti-green thumbs out there.

From Science of Us: Here’s a test to measure your secret need for drama.

From Refinery29: 9 tattoos you probably shouldn’t get.

From Elle US: The 7 best Jane Austen book-to-film adaptations.

Also from Elle US: File this under ‘useless things that are actually useful to know’: there are 5 different types of underwear for your butt shape.


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Metalicus dress + a very special announcement

I received a little parcel from Metalicus last week that contained two dresses I purchased in their recent extra 25% off the marked price sale. I nabbed the Cane Tank Dress in Grey Marle for $36.75, down from $79, as I knew instantly it would become a total staple in my wardrobe. Not only am I a little bit obsessed with everything grey but I love the idea of layering sweaters, jackets and cardigans over a simple fitted dress.

This dress, as with most Metalicus items,¬†is a ‘one size’ piece, as it is super stretchy for easy layering. I am very conscientiously selecting items with a great deal of soft stretch and give because I now have a little bump to accommodate!!

Metalicus dress, Richard Chai cardigan, Alejandro Ingelmo pumps

Ben and I are welcoming a precious little girl at the very beginning of September and now that I am five months and am beginning to show, I am having to adjust my wardrobe accordingly! Anything fitted or tight across my hips and waist is a no-go Рsome pieces I have donned in the last couple of months felt like they were strangling me, so dresses like these have really become my staples.

I think monochrome (especially in grey) is incredibly sophisticated, so I paired my new dress with a slouchy, cocoon-style, fine wool cardigan by Richard Chai and a pair of steel grey pumps by Alejandro Ingelmo. I bought the cardigan and pumps from my favourite eBay seller for only US$12 and US$23, respectively. These Italian made shoes would retail for US$450 and the cardigan about US$600.

Metalicus dress, Richard Chai cardigan, Alejandro Ingelmo pumps

Our precious little gift makes me feel anything but grey!!

Metalicus dress, Richard Chai cardigan, Alejandro Ingelmo pumps

I can’t wait to post more about our beautiful little blessing – all I can say is that it has been a rollercoaster since we found out we were expecting. The sickness, the host of unsavoury pregnancy symptoms no one really tells you about, the emotions, the miraculous changes – I have been rather out of action (hence the lack of outfit posts this year!) because it’s only been the last week few weeks, where I have experienced our wondrous gift moving inside me and the crippling nausea has largely¬†abated, that I have felt more ‘normal’, more human, more able.

In the meantime, I encourage you to begin curating the Metalicus wishlist, in anticipation of their next sale (it won’t be long before they’re taking an extra 40% off reduced items to clear last season’s stock!). I am really excited to bring you¬†a range of different outfit posts, now that my body is growing and changing. I am determined to stay away from maternity specific clothing as I want to own pieces that will work during and after my pregnancy. Everything I buy will still be on sale – that’s one thing that will never change ūüėČ


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(Belated) Monday Morsels, 12 April 2016

Apologies for the delay in these Monday Morsels – all will be explained in a post later this week ūüôā In the meantime, enjoy the following!

From Racked: I love quirky, ‘real person’ street style! Here, what to wear to a museum,¬†as told by 21 Whitney attendees.

From New Zealand Herald: This article has generated a LOT of buzz – what are your thoughts??

From The Zoe Report: How to find a bra with the perfect fit.

From The Telegraph: I eagerly await the images (and stories!) from the Met Gala, so this article about Anna Wintour’s meticulous planning is fascinating.

From Mental Floss: 11 behind-the-scenes secrets of romance writers.

From The Cut: The queens of non-fiction: 56 women journalists everyone should read.

From Jezebel: I’d agree with this.

From GQ: Money for nothing: The lucrative world of celebrity club appearances.

From Cosmopolitan: Finally, a bit of frivolous fun: Which celebrity pet should be your pet?


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Shop of the day: Luckyscent

Welcome to a new series of posts entitled “Shop of the day”. In these posts, I discuss a shop, be it an online boutique or stand-alone store, that I frequent more often than I’d care to admit. My aim for these posts are to not only introduce my readers to my favourite shopping haunts, but to encourage them to expand their shopping horizons. There are so many wonderful, niche stores in this now boundary-less shopping community of ours, it would be a crime to limit oneself!!

The first post in this series is an online fragrance boutique I visit on a weekly basis. Luckyscent originated as a small online apothecary, but burgeoning business saw the owners open a scent bar in Los Angeles several years ago, to complement its now formidable online presence. I love that all in-store offerings are available on the web, ready to ship to more than 50 countries around the globe.

The Scent Bar in Los Angeles, USA – images via Luckyscent

The Luckyscent philosophy is:
“…a means of discovering new and obscure fragrances. We encourage exploration, experimentation and, most of all, just taking time to enjoy the magic of fragrance. All of our brands and products have earned a place in our hearts for one reason or another and we strive to show them all. But most of all we endeavor to continue finding the most noteworthy and unusual new fragrances, while continuing to offer and honor all the established brands”.

Luckyscent sell more than two hundred brands of fragrance, candles, homes scents, skin care, bath and body products and fragrance-related gifts, which means commencing a random search is the equivalent of falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. The website is designed so that your search may be refined in numerous ways. You can search by fragrance note, by customer, reviewer and staff top picks and by samples, exclusives or specials.

Images via Luckyscent

The beauty of Luckyscent, unlike many other online fragrance boutiques, is that you can order samples of virtually every fragrance they sell. How many times have you lusted after a particular fragrance that may only be available online, or you can only blind buy, basing your opinion on nothing but notes listed on Fragrantica and reviews from perfume blogs? The genius of Luckyscent is being able to try as many samples as you like before ordering that desired perfume! Shipping of samples alone to Australia is a mere US$8 (not tracked, takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive) and samples range in price from US$3 to US$12, but generally average $5. A small price to pay to avoid making a costly mistake!! If you purchase a full bottle, or another good from the website, you can stipulate in the orders page what samples you would like to try, for free. Shipping to Australia for goods other than samples is US$40 (tracked, takes approximately 2 weeks to arrive).

¬†I have tried numerous samples from the Luckyscent website, several of which have ignited my desire to purchase full bottles. Below are some items languishing in my wishlist, waiting for me to buy them… ¬†ūüėČ

The Different Company’s Aurore Nomade. Let’s be frank – I would take ANY fragrance in The Different Company’s line, the range is essentially my fragrance equivalent of a spirit animal. I bought Osmanthus when travelling in France for my honeymoon (osmanthus is one of my favourite notes in a perfume) but I would happily buy Une Nuit Magnetique and Oud for Love. Dying to try Sublime Balkiss and the oft raved about De Bachmakov.

Parfums DelRae’s Bois de Paradis. This arrived as a complimentary sample and I am thrilled to have tried it, as the listed notes simply do not do it justice. I had tried Wit and Mythique from this line but none were as indelibly imprinted on my memory as this “ripe, nectarous and woody” beauty.

Mazzolari’s Elena. Mazzolari is an interesting, Italian line of fragrances and Elena is the soft, comforting floral in the range. It is one you would spritz on everyday and feel feminine, homely and happy.

Huitieme Art’s Liqueur Charnelle. I have no idea what compelled me to try Liqueur Charnelle (given Manguier Metisse and Poudre de Riz were recommended to me) but I was thrilled to have done so! The fragrance is at once soft and cozy, sexy and smokey, and smells expensive and fabulous.

Here are some of the MANY I am dying to try:

Oriza L. Legrand’s Oeillet Louis XV. Legrand is the most interesting and niche range I have ever had the pleasure of trying – for simply the most standout perfume you will ever wear, try Chypre Mousse POST HASTE. Also on the wishlist – their range of candles (most specifically, Relique D’Amour, which I have tried in the fragrance line) and soaps.

Tom Daxon’s Crushing Bloom. I’m a die-hard floral fan, and this fragrance seems right up my alley.

Keiko Mecheri’s Loukhoum. A classic inspired by that fabulous Turkish sweet, rahat loukhoum (aka Turkish Delight). I would also love to try its flankers, Loukhoum Eau Poudree and Loukhoum Parfum du Soir (so much so, that I’m not sure which of the three to try first!).

Parfumerie Generale’s Jardins de Kerylos. I love a fig scent, especially one that is very earthy, so this one is a definite ‘must try’. Also on the wishlist is Djhenne and for those who love vanilla/cocoa/amber scents, I would highly recommend Musc Maori.

If I were to ever visit Los Angeles, the Scent Bar would be on my ‘to-do’ list. I doubt I would emerge without several purchases!! But then, I can utterly lose myself in the world of fragrance – I love perusing fragrance boutiques, reading perfume blogs and reviews and learning about the history and genesis of a brand. I promise, once you try a niche fragrance, you can never shop department store again.

Make sure to sign up to receive Luckyscent’s newsletter, which is filled with information about recent releases and new arrivals, sales and upcoming events. I also highly recommend a “fragrance fitting” with a Scent Bar expert. These online consultations will guide you towards a fragrance you may not have considered, based on your likes and dislikes, personality and preferences. I hope this post has given you some fragrance inspiration and that you’ll soon be updating me about your new perfume purchase ūüôā


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Monday Morsels, 4 April 2016

From The Zoe Report: I stopped gossiping for a month and this is what happened.

From The Telegraph: This article was at once fascinating and obscene: Inside the world of couture wedding gowns.

From The Guardian: I just couldn’t… The rise of the $1,000 tracksuit.

Also from The Guardian: Another dubious fashion trend: the fashion evolution of the Ugg boot.

From Elle US: This man and his husband on the challenges of raising two boys as feminists.

From Vulture: 11 of TV’s most memorable crossover episodes.

Also from Vulture: Can you guess the Mean Girls line from just a freeze frame?

From Stylist: The Breton top is a perennial classic, but this season it will be HUGE. Here is a run down of 35 of the best Breton tops around.

From Man Repeller: Five women of colour get real about the fashion industry.


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Designer of the Day – L’Wren Scott

Today’s Designer of the Day is sadly deceased; a gentle and talented woman gone long before her time. You might know L’Wren Scott as Mick Jagger’s long-time partner, but she was an entrepreneur, a 6 foot 6 inch¬†(in heels) model, a fashion stylist, a well-connected socialite, and a spectacular designer. This GQ article from 2014 is an interesting look at the designer’s life and provides context to her untimely death in 2014. She launched her first collection, 18-pieces, all black, in 2006, with her final collection being Spring/Summer’s 2014 Tagasode, inspired by late 16th century Japan in the Momoyama period and the haunting of Scott’s favourite ancient Tagasode screen.

Scott’s designs are characterised by an ‘of another era’ dressing: sumptuous femininity combined with unconventional touches, aimed at establishing a well-defined, 50s¬†silhouette. Her pieces, especially her sophisticated dresses, are prim, highly structured, ladylike creations that evoke a sense of refined drama. Scott’s clothes are designed for someone who sees herself as a powerful, confident woman connected to a bygone¬†era where femininity, sophistication¬†and class were paramount. Her collections, dubbed such names as Allegory of Love, Yorkshire Pudding, Tea Time, Serengeti Sunset and Madame Du Barry, allude at once to whimsy, elegance, refinement, boldness, power and respect.

Scott’s most famous garment (at least, as¬†renowned as her wiggle dresses) are her sequinned cashmere cropped cardigans. Beloved by women such as Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, Madonna¬†and Sarah Jessica Parker, these cardigans, in their sumptuous knits with their decadent beadwork, can elevate any outfit (and just seem to go with everything). I am lucky enough to have nabbed this one from Fall/Winter 2009¬†on eBay for a song (they retailed for over $2,000 – oh, yes, L’Wren Scott’s clothing was ridiculously expensive as a result of the quality of fabrics and intricate detailing):

You can see Scott’s darker, more gothic-inspired¬†aesthetic within this collection, as you can within Fall/Winter 2008, Spring/Summer 2010 and Fall/Winter 2013. However, when Scott does colour, be it girlish pastels, clean neutrals or cheery patterns, you feel compelled to incorporate every fabulous piece into your wardrobe (or scrap your existing closet and¬†wear nothing but¬†L’Wren Scott, which I frequently feel):

Top to bottom: Fall/Winter 2010; Spring/Summer 2012; Spring/Summer 2011; Spring/Summer 2014. Image source:

Scott is partial to silhouettes from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s:

Top to bottom: Spring/Summer 2013; Spring/Summer 2012; Fall/Winter 2012; Spring/Summer 2011; Spring/Summer 2009. Image source:

And her collections frequently feature capes, riding jackets, embellishment (from ruffles to sequins to lace to lavish embroidery), pencil skirts and various iterations of wool or silk tea dresses:

The design house does not live on without Scott as the lead (unlike, for example, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent) so the only places you can source L’Wren Scott clothing is resale sites such as¬†eBay, TheRealReal and Vestiaire Collective. In her short design tenure, Scott also executed a small range of glasses (sun and optical), shoes (in collaboration with Christian Louboutin) and beauty (a fragrance with Barneys New York and makeup with Lanc√īme). She was probably best known to a mass audience through her collaboration with American retail chain,¬†Banana Republic.

Reliving her archives makes me realise what a phenomenal talent Scott was in that she had a singular vision of her client that was not restrictive in the slightest. She knew exactly who she was designing for, and her creative flair was exercised in those small details that kept a devoted fan base returning for that extra something (spectacularly) special. That is a pretty amazing feat, which makes her absence on the fashion scene even more sad.

The legacy of her beauty, class and elegance live on her in exquisite impact on the fashion world.


NB: For those new to L’Wren Scott, please be aware that her sizing runs very small. I doubt, as an Australian¬†12-14, I would fit her pants, even an Italian size 48. Her dresses will fit me in a 46 or 48 as they do contain some miracle corset like stretch in the lining. Scott designs for a woman of her stature, which means items are particularly long in length. I promise, once you’ve made a L’Wren Scott investment, you will never regret it.

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(Belated) Monday Morsels, 29 March 2016

From The Hollywood Reporter: The 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood.

From Jezebel: This house in Palm Springs, USA hasn’t been redecorated since 1969 and IT IS PHENOMENAL.

From The Zoe Report: The best dresses for your shape.

From Mental Floss: J’adore Paris.

Also from Mental Floss: A supercut of the most iconic tracksuits in movie history.

From Cosmopolitan: This writer compared drugstore and department store makeup, and the results were surprising.

From Elle US: 4 brave Elle editors style Kim Kardashian’s fashion staple, the skin-tight Wolford Fatal dress.

From Business of Fashion: Why fashion’s ‘pink tax’ mean women pay more for luxury fashion brands.

From Refinery29: If, like me, you’re not enjoying an extended long weekend, you may need these 15 quotes to inspire and motivate you at work today.


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