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About two years ago, I stumbled across a top being sold by my favourite eBay seller. It was simple and elegant: black; 3/4 sleeves; boat neck; softly draped; fastened with two buttons on the shoulders; made in the USA. It was made by a small label called “The Lady & The Sailor”, a brand with the following philosophy:

“the lady & the sailor is a collection built upon the most important element in any woman’s wardrobe, the basics… Simple but necessary luxuries. Believing the perfect t-shirt can rise to any occasion. the lady & the sailor creates pieces designed to be worn in a well lived life… Carefully and consciously designed. Utilizing only the highest quality textiles milled stateside, each piece is crafted entirely in the USA. Beautifully uncomplicated clothes to be worn in a well lived life.”

Since purchasing that top, I have scoured eBay for pieces but being such a niche label, items are few and far between. I have managed to score a taupe and watermelon striped tee and a grey and white striped cardigan, and I currently have my eye on two zippered jackets that have appeared recently in my favourite seller’s listings. However, the only way I’m really going to get my fix is direct from the website, from Shopbop or from Diani Boutique.

Whilst perusing the range on Shopbop, a gorgeous dress caught my eye and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was mine. My aesthetic is currently inspired by the colour grey and by casual, form-fitting dresses (two “Inspired by…” posts to come!) and this reversible dress fit the bill on both counts!

“The Lady & The Sailor” reversible midi dress (in Anthracite/Indigo) from Shopbop

It arrived on Monday and I could not be happier. The midi-length is perfect, hitting me mid-calf. The slightly cut-in arms are flattering on my shoulder and the rayon/spandex jersey is heavyweight enough to skim and not cling. I am going to wear it on its own with a statement jewel and flats, but the beauty of this ‘basic’ is that I can throw a sweater, cardigan or other layering basic (sleeveless vest, statement tee, lightweight shawl) over the top and voila! I have an outfit worthy of different occasions and various weather conditions. At 70% off (US$226 down to US$67.50), how could I resist?

Other The Lady & The Sailor pieces saved in my various wish-lists include this tissue-weight jersey tank (currently reduced to US$24, click to shop):

and this softly draped, tencel tee (also reduced to US$37.50, click to shop):

And of course, I want literally everything for sale on the online boutique, especially this skirt and this ballet sweater.

If I could, I would buy the entire Spring 2014 collection (view in full here), as I pretty much want to look like this on my days off.

Images via The Lady & The Sailor

I love this label because all the products are made from eco materials in the USA. The fit is phenomenal – perfectly weighted, comfortable, appropriately drapey, cut to perfection. Everything is designed to mesh with your existing wardrobe and most importantly, mesh with a real woman’s ‘away from work’ life (running errands, having coffee, taking kids to play dates). I would love to know if you’ve heard of this label, or if you have a go-to for your basics/wardrobe staples. In the meantime, I’ll just keep adding to the wishlist…


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