Sequins + lace

I haven’t done an outfit post in so long (I think I was still wearing wintery clothing in my last one!), largely because of my recent migraine. It takes me so long following one to even enjoy wearing makeup, let alone put together an outfit. Whilst I’m only about three quarters of the way back to normal, I felt like my outfit today was worthy of a blog post.

The sequinned Felder Felder top I’m wearing today arrived only yesterday, an unexpected find from an eBay trawl. It was for sale from an Australian seller: with free postage on offer and being the only bidder, I nabbed it for an absolute steal at $20. It is from Fall/Winter 2011, a collection that featured a lot of the beautiful embroidery that is seen on the neckline of the top. You can see a hint of the top in the first image, then it replicated in grey.

Felder Felder Fall/Winter 2011, look 18 & 24. Image source:

Felder Felder is a British-based label helmed by German twin sisters, with an aesthetic that infuses rock glamour with a punky femininity. I own the t-shirt version of this singlet in grey (having bought it a number of years ago from TheOutnet). I wear it so frequently as it’s comfortable, soft and is elevated beyond a ‘basic’ tee with the inclusion of the gorgeous bead work around the neckline. It is made in the UK from cotton that simply gets better with age. As such, this black top was a no-brainer and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Felder Felder top, Zhor & Nema cardigan, Veronika Maine skirt, Calvin Klein Collection pumps

Today I paired it with a camel-coloured, wool-cashmere blend grandpa cardigan by Zhor & Nema, a black pencil skirt from Veronika Maine and my Calvin Klein Collection black spike heel pumps. I purchased the Zhor & Nema cardigan from eBay – I am curating quite the collection as I absolutely love Zhor & Nema knitwear – and the Veronika Maine pencil skirt from the Harbour Town store.

I would have normally been hesitant to mix two strong features (the lace on the cardigan with the sequins on the top) but they didn’t compete with one another: I actually loved that the colour of the cardigan complemented the tone of the beading around the neckline.

Felder Felder top, Zhor & Nema cardigan, Veronika Maine skirt, Calvin Klein Collection pumps

I promise to post with a little more frequency as I begin to feel better. It’s nice to be back!


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