Personal Shopping

Shopping for yourself can be incredibly daunting, especially when you feel uncertain about what looks great on, what represents good value and what is available in-store. Shopping is often seen as a chore and most people want to be in and out as quickly as possible!

I want to show you that shopping can be easy and great fun by arming you with all the right tools. Unlike most personal shoppers, who shop new season and full price, I specialise in shopping the sales. Why not get more bang for your buck by doubling or tripling your loot for the same budget??!!

During a personal shopping session, I will take you to select boutiques and department stores and shop the sales racks (should your eye wander to anything full price, we can certainly shop that also!). I will recommend shapes, styles, fabrics and designers to suit your personality, lifestyle and budget.

The aim of the personal shopping session is to make you feel good about your beautiful body and learn what clothes work for you. Every one of us has wonderful assets and sometimes, you need a completely objective eye to help you discover them. Bagging a new wardrobe is just a bonus!

Personal shopping sessions are tailored for your time frame and budget, however, there is a two hour minimum, inclusive of a quick coffee debrief.

The cost is $110 per hour. Contact me directly on or through the form below to learn more!

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