“[Jane showed me] all the possibilities and varieties of clothing that I hadn’t considered before and made me appraise my outfits – she made me work and think, just didn’t spoon-feed me. [The most valuable lesson I learned within my session was] to think of colour, shape, fabric and not to focus on my ‘weak’ points, and not to see them as ‘weak points’ (as in disproportionately large breasts). My session was good value-for-money and I am 100% likely to refer her to friends or family. [Jane has] a charming and articulate approach, with plenty of tact and discretion so that you never feel overwhelmed or discouraged”.
~ Alison, age 63, Perth

“Interacting with Jane is a pleasure as she is friendly, professional and has a huge amount of knowledge. Jane was also very flexible, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience. [The most valuable lesson I learned within my session was] definitely to give things a try that I wouldn’t normally and to step out of my comfort zone. I felt that for the cost Jane really utilised the time well and did her best to help me achieve what I wanted in a relatively short amount of time, I was very happy with what I came away with. I am very likely [to recommend Jane to family and friends] as I found it so helpful to have someone who knows their stuff, there to give me a second option on what I was trying on so I could make a quicker decision and I was just able to achieve so much more in the time we had than I would on my own”.
~ Lara, 29, Perth

“Jane graced us with her beautiful presence in a 1 hour session, which set out to empower us (group of 15-20 corporate women of all ages): to shop for beautiful, quality pieces online. The session exceeded our expectations. We all loved and appreciated Jane’s willingness to share her experiences and her passion for beautiful clothes, which radiated throughout the session. The B&B presentation was original, authentic and educational; delivered in a professional yet warm and intimate manner; and, was well-structured and tailored to our group. Prior to the event Jane was approachable and flexible in devising a presentation that was appropriate and suited to our needs. A stand out is the breadth of knowledge Jane has acquired from personal experience as opposed to what she has read in a magazine. The session is certainly value for money and Jane put in a lot of effort to bring in beautiful examples for us to look at and even buy! Jane comes with our great recommendation – you will not be disappointed in hiring B&B’s services”
~ Sophia, Personal Assistant, KPMG

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